Hip-Hop Producer

Behind the Beats

I have been producing music ever since I found the demo version of Frooty Loops online in between shooting hoops outside and playing video games when Kevin Garnett on the Timberwolves was on the cover of NBA Live 2001. It is really all a blur of basketball and music in those days; my first two loves. 

Over time I have refined my sounds, beats, rhythms, timbre and so on. Maybe everything doesn't need to be quantized to a robotic perfection, but maybe sometimes it does, as long as it is used as a tool rather than a correction. I learned all about dynamics and time-based processing. I have nerded out on plug-ins, outboard gear, pre-amps and microphones to find a sound that I think generally represents me and my groove. 

I am happy to share my unique goers sound with the world and I hope that it is received with a nodding head and some fire flows, if that's your thing. Otherwise I just hope the music is enjoyed and can cause some sort of inspiration or motivation in somebody's life.

Thanks for listening, and stay tuned!

Nothing but love,